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Mother/Son wheatgrass shots. We’ve been successful in keeping Jordan off of ADHD meds so far this school year. Unfortunately, his tics have gone haywire since the death of one of his karate teachers (stress trigger??). He’s handling it like a champ though - and even told me he can mask them by dancing. Lol! Mommy has all sorts of craziness going on with her body right now, but I know better nutrition can heal that. Fighting to remind myself that you can’t undo years of unhealthy practices in a few weeks. Only time, dedication and discipline can do that. #operationfitchick #fitclique #teamhealthy #cleaneating #tourettes #adhd #sarcoidosis #letthyfoodbethymedicine

#rp from @gettingmylifebacknow “As I mentioned earlier, proteins are acid forming foods and we must eat alkaline forming foods to neutralize the acid wastes from protein consumption. This means that you should probably be eating a bunch more veggies with that chicken breast than you usually do.

Finding a perfect balance can be challenging and confusing at first, but a good way to approach it is to try to maintain an 80% alkaline and 20% acid ratio. That means that in order to maintain a healthy, balanced pH, you need to eat a diet that consists of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods.

Proteins and starches are acid, vegetables and fruits are alkaline. Just about all of the metabolic wastes of the body are acids so we need to eat alkaline forming foods like fruits and vegetables to help neutralize these acid wastes.

Recent studies have shown that the average American diet only consists of about 15-20% fruits and vegetables. This means that most people in this country are getting the majority of their calories from acid forming foods. In light of the current health crisis in America, I think that it is safe to say that there is a strong correlation between acidosis and disease.” #operationfitchick#fitclique #teamfit #teamcurves #getcholiferight

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