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Thanks so much to those of you who have already contributed to this very passionate endeavor. To those who have asked what you can do, you can start by visiting the site and donating a worthwhile financial sacrifice today. No amount is too great or too small. You have no idea how much this will help alleviate the mental and physical stress as she tries to maintain peace and sanity for the sake of her unborn son. Help my friend /sister and her family get the new start they so desperately need, have earned and deserve. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!   #payitforward #ittakesavillage #shewillriselikeaphoenix #imawitnesstowhatavillagecando #thankyou

Hello Family, Friends, Classmates, Colleagues, Sorors & Supporters - two days ago, my college roommate and great, great friend (Andria Nacina Cole ), her daughter and unborn son lost most of their possessions in an apartment fire. The apartment complex they lived in is presently unable to accommodate them. In addition to this tragedy, Andria is very pregnant and was ordered on bed rest a few days prior to the fire. She is obviously devastated by the loss as she worked very hard and sacrificed much to provide the best life possible for her family and those whom she loves. Because of her present state, its imperative that others come together to help her through this. I’ve assured her, based on my own experiences, that humanity is WONDERFUL and will come together to ensure her sacrifices were not in vain. I am asking EACH of YOU to please donate to this very worthy cause and help her get back on her feet. ANYTHING you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. She has been one of the most loyal and supportive friends I’ve had in my lifetime, and it would mean a great deal to ME to see her rise from this better than before!! Thanks in advance for your active love, well wishes and support.

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